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Refund Policy


"I", "Me", "My" or any other first person terminology = Giuseppe Saffioti, DonkEcom

"You", "Your" or any other second person terminology = The person entering the agreement, the person paying for the service, the person booking in a consultation or mentoring service

Mentor Program

The mentor program is paid month-to-month (excluding the "Unlimited Access" package). 

Refunds will only be accepted if there have been no meetings between your payment date and your refund request. This means from the moment you join, you have until the first scheduled meeting to cancel. For example, if you join on a Monday, and there is a meeting on Wednesday, you may request your refund up until that point. Once a meeting has been held, you will not be eligible for a refund, regardless of your attendance of said meeting. This also means that I will not invite you to the private Facebook group until you have attended a meeting so that I can verify yourself. The private Facebook group contains recordings of all prior sessions along with documentations, names, websites, products and ideas, all of which is private and confidential to myself and to others who have taken part in the program, this information will remain private until I verify who you are in a live meeting. Under no circumstances will anyone who has been given access to the private Facebook group be eligible for a refund*. 

You may request a refund by emailing me at [email protected] with the title "Refund request - mentor program" or, preferably, messaging me on Facebook. 

Please understand the mentoring program is payment for my time, experience and knowledge. It is not pre-recorded. Everything that we do in the program is held live. Essentially, you are paying for regular consultations. Due to this, I cannot offer refunds after a meeting has been held, as this means I have performed the service you have paid for without payment. 

If you attend a meeting, and feel like the program is not something you are happy to maintain, or you have any concerns about how I conduct the mentoring program, or any other concerns regarding your payment / refund, please contact me and we will discuss a reasonable solution. 

Refunds will not be given to anyone just because they did not attend meetings. By me hosting meetings, I am fulfilling my obligation to our agreement, your attendance is your own responsibility. I cannot be liable for all members attending meetings. If I notice you miss meetings regularly, or have not attended any meetings, I will contact you to see if everything is okay, but I am not here to enforce attendance, that is up to you. 

All month-to-month payments may be cancelled at any time, prior to the billing cycle date. From the moment your payment is cancelled, I will remove you from the email list, the private Facebook chat and the private Facebook group. If your billing cycle has just restarted, and you would like a refund, the above conditions still apply.

If you joined using the "Unlimited Access" package the above still applies however, if for any reason I cannot offer at least 5 months of mentoring to you, you will be eligible for a partial refund charged pro-rata for the term that remains rounded up to the nearest month, at a rate of $99USD (or closest-to converted rate) per month. For example, if you joined using the Unlimited Access package and after 3.5 months I decide to terminate the mentoring program, you will receive back $99USD (or the equivalent payment in your payment currency, converted at the rate on the day of the refund) (3.5 months rounded up to 4 months, 1 month remaining at $99USD per month). 

*If I terminate the mentoring program and you have paid for an Unlimited Access package you will still be eligible for a pro-rata refund as mentioned in the paragraph above this, regardless of your presence in the private Facebook group, assuming all other conditions have been met. 


Refund requests for consultations may occur up until 24 hours before the scheduled consultation time. If you request a refund within 24 hours of the scheduled time, you will not be eligible to receive a refund. 

If you cannot attend a consultation for any reason, please notify me (at least) 24 hours prior. I understand things happen out of our control, so if you request a change in time before 24 hours, this will be accepted. If you request a change of time within the 24 hours before our scheduled consultation, I have the right to refuse this and you may be charged a fee to reschedule. 

Consultations will have a 15 minute grace period from the start of the scheduled time. If you fail to attend the consultation with no prior notice or warning, after 15 minutes the consultation will be terminated and no refunds will be given. It is up to my discretion whether or not a consultation will be rescheduled free of charge or if a rescheduling fee applies.

Generally, I will try my best to provide one free reschedule of our consultation. I am human too, I know these things happen. 

Regarding consultations, please understand that by scheduling in a time with me I am clearing that time from my calendar. I also allocate time to research and understand your needs prior to our meeting. 

If you have any questions or concerns about this Refund Policy, please contact me at [email protected]


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